Certification Program

Food safety regulations are of the utmost importance to ESC management and staff. We have a zero tolerance for infractions, of any magnitude. ESC stresses all food safety regulations namely:

  • Good personal hygiene
  • Time and temperature control
  • The prevention of cross contamination
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces
  • The methods of thawing, cooking, cooling and reheating foods
  • Receiving and storing food
  • And, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • (More information can be found in the Standards and Operations Section)

Accordingly, ServSafe certification is required for all kitchen managers, chefs and assistant chefs.  Knowledge is the first step to food safety.  ESC not only requires ServSafe, we have taken the extra steps to provide the training and administer the exam.   ESC has its own in-house ServSafe certification program.  Our Certified ServSafe Instructors instruc in a classroom setting and our Registered ServSafe Examinations Proctor administers the exam.

ESC is adamant that all ServSafe certificatiosn stay up-to-date.